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Product Templates

configurable member site

  1. Fully customizable member site look and feel.
  2. Wide-range of skin template selection.
  3. Responsive design adaptable to mobile display.
  4. Back-office agent configurable module to control settings on member site
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fully integrated payment gateway

  1. Support popular payment gateways in the region.
  2. Fully integrated with member deposit process.
  3. Seamless deposit experience.
  4. Auto deposit supported
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  1. In-house developed cryptocurrency gateway; eliminate unnecessary charges from 3rd-party
  2. Support major coins.
  3. Easy to set-up and user-friendly.
  4. Allowed full crypto coins as wallet
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affiliate & referral

  1. Simple yet powerful affiliate module
  2. Easily set-up.
  3. Configurable by game category with 3 customizable header and footer scripts.
    • Member Lose
    • Turnover
    • Sign-up and deposit
  4. Monthly automatic pay-out.
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business intelligence reports

  1. Wide-range of report filters to select data
  2. All reports are exportable to MS Excel or CSV format
  3. Wide-range of reports accessible by user role
  4. All reports are customizable by user
  5. 100% accurancy
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seo & marketing

  1. Support multiple-language.
  2. Every page can turn into SEO opportunity.
  3. Customizable header and footer scripts.
  4. Support canonical scripts.
  5. Powerful built-in HTML editor.
  6. AMP ready!
  7. Traceable source of registration.
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industrial-leading promotion module

  1. Designed to handle comprehensive promotion scenario
  2. Fully automated and calculated without customer service intervention
  3. Support multi-tier promotion schemes.
  4. Every promotion can be easily turn-on & off
  5. Real-time promotion budget tracking to track claim rate

Daily Lucky Spin & Mini Games

  1. Configurable mini games reward member to login and play everyday.
  2. Customizable prize structure by free games or free credits.
  3. Customizable mini games requirements.


  1. Daily automatic rebate scheme rewarding member based on turnover or win/lose.
  2. Automatic payout based on preset time-frame.
  3. Can be easily set-up
  4. Cutomizable by selective games provider.
  5. Support multi-tier structure.

24/7 support

  1. Structural technical support 24/7.
  2. Committed to resolve all open issues within 24hr.
  3. Highly trained support officers.
  4. Support multiple-languages.
  5. Game provider tournament.
  6. Hedging, abnormal bet checking on-demand basis.
  7. User Guide & Help file available for all functions in back-office.
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power member tracking system

  1. Designed to identified same users in the system.
  2. Minimize bonus hunter.
  3. Quick action to freeze or block member
  4. Ability to identify duplicate bank account, IP address, contact info.
  5. Configurable game bet limit & maximun winning.
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intuitive back-office interface

  1. Business dashboard to provide overview of the busniess outlook from concurrent member to net P&L.
  2. Customer service dashboard provide quick action to member's request.
  3. Support multiple currencies and languages.
  4. Support cross brand customer service.
  5. User access matrix configurable by agent hierarchy, by module or specific user role.
  6. Built-in workflow to support manual adjustment to member's wallet.
  7. Real-time user log.
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website template design
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